Our Services

House of Noel Family Nursery at Géderlak

The house of Noel Family Nursery at Géderlak provides an environment of home with the help of colorful rooms, toys, playgrounds, and of course our qualified carers. At the nursery, we provide full and high-standard service for every child.

CSÓKA Community Space at Kalocsa

Our “CSÓKA” program started out in the middle of the gypsy camp in Kalocsa at the Szőlőhegyi Spare-time and Sports-center. Our goal is to provide a program for gypsies where they can rise above, where they can experience real and loving attention so that actual and quality changes could take place in their lives.

Social assistance and Donation

Our goal is to call forth resources to help the ones in need, and to help them get stronger to be able to develop by identifying their talents, meanwhile becoming capable of developing and encouraging the ones around them as well.

Csomópont Missionary Location at Tiszanána

We are present at Tiszanána along with several civil and church organizations, contractors, where among working with children, the elderly, women and the one’s in need a church was although planted. Physical needs are important but at this location we especially emphasize the importance of fulfilling the spiritual needs as well. 

Help over the board mission

We are trying to put the guidelines that we read about in Matthew 25:42-43 into action in Székelyföld and Kárpátalja. We bring food to those who are hungry, water to those who are thirsty, clothes to the ones that are naked and we visit those who are in captivity.

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