Help over the board mission

Help over the board mission

We are trying to put  the guidelines that we read about in Matthew 25:42-43 into action in Székelyföld and Kárpátalja.

We bring food to those who are hungry, water to those who are thirsty, clothes to the ones that are naked and we visit those who are in captivity.

Székelyföld mission area

The personal contacts that we have here go back to several years. We ‘re trying to help the local churches’ activity with our presence, with the preaching of the gospel, with evangelical prospects and with donations.

The biggest project came to life in 2020, when the local government and the Hungarian churches joined forces and managed to take in the water-conduit to 12 households. 

Kárpátalja mission area

We have personally contacted several local churches in 2019, and these connections drew us closer to them. In 2020 we’ve managed to put together a 2 day long seminar for the local pastors and ministers by the grace of God. 

We believe that the spiritual support is as important as the physical support, the donations. 

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