Csomópont Missionary Location at Tiszanána

Csomópont Missionary Location at Tiszanána

We’ve put an emphasis on fulfilling the physical needs along the fulfilment of spiritual needs as well.

We are present at Tiszanána along with several civil and church organizations, contractors, where among working with children, the elderly, women and the one’s in need a church was although planted.

In order to reach the people of Tiszanána and the people of the surrounding towns we’ve organized several mutual meetings with The New Life Church from Budapest, where with the evangelism the donation took place as well.

Past the continuous donations the electrical network of the church building got updated as well.

Over 60 children attends bible class in the church building which can be a problem during winter time because of the lack of the firewood and heating. Most of the families that belong to the church are people in need and the firewood is way overpriced in the region. In order to help the local church, we worked together with other organizations to provide the firewood.

Along the church services the summer bible camps mean a lot to the children as well.

Treasure Bible Camp

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21

This camp could come to pass with the organization of the Hungarian Pentecostal Charity Service, the CSÓKA Community Space, and the New Life Church at Tiszanána.

The Bible Camp helped the children to gain new friends and collect beautiful memories, but along the fun programs they were able to grow spiritually as well.

In summary, we not only had fun but we could get to know the Word of God better and with that, God Himself as well.

We’ve handed out special packages for the women at the local Church at Tiszanána.

This donation could’ve happened with the organization of the Hungarian Pentecostal Women’s Ministry. 

Sadly, it is a fact that among people in need, the lack of personal hygienic products result frequent absence from school and psychical problems as well.

Because of the lack of money at one’s family, it is not unusual that instead of using pads or tampons, the girls don’t have a choice but to use rags, paper or cotton which result serious lack of confidence and an illusion of exclusion.

Our colleagues, and our volunteers put together hygienic packages from the received donations and deliver it to the ladies in need.

Our professional partners

We are thankful for the donation that came in until now, and if you would like to offer further donations, you can contact us on the following availabilities.

Csomópont Missionary Location

Telephone: +36 (70) 416 6823
E-mail: szeretetszolgalat@punkosdi.hu
IBAN account number: HU02 10402537 50526754 82651022
In case of transfer please leave a message in the comment section:

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