CSÓKA Community Space at Kalocsa

CSÓKA Community Space at Kalocsa

With along the classical form of social work, we are present in the form of different community work, from legal aid service, therapeutic nature of various arts and crafts, to the pastoral of gypsies and further platforms, where we would like to continue our colorful work.

Due to the syndicated collaboration of the Hungarian Pentecostal Church and the Váltó-sáv Fund with the help of application EFOP 1.3.7 and with the help of a continual presence of the Hungarian Pentecostal Charity Service this disadvantage compensation community space could take place.

We were present at the Szőlőhegyi Spare-time and Sports-center in the middle of the gypsy camp even before the application, with periodic programs in cooperation of the local child protection specialists. We are thankful for the volunteers of the local Pentecostal Church and many civilian volunteers.

Our plan is to continue what God has begun. The members of the church have been praying for over 20 years so that a program could begin among the gypsies which can help them rise above their circumstances, where they could experience real and loving attention, in order to be able to come to know a real and quality change in their lives.

This application helped us and reinforced us in the calling of continuing the disadvantage compensation work, and to put more emphasis on education and the gypsy identity, made us to relay the culture even on a wider spectrum.

We count on the collaboration with the local government, on the further applications, on the creative source of work and on the plan of God. 

Our Availability

Szőlőhegyi Szabadidő és Sportcentrum
Location: 6300, Kalocsa, Petőfi Sándor utca, 2274 hrsz.
Telephone: +36 30 153 7187

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